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Welcome to Barrel Motors! I am Giridhar Soundararajan, the founder & CEO. Barrel Motors is not just a brand but a dream taking shape into reality. A dream to touch a billion peoples life and make it better. A dream to make transportation not just sustainable but a joyful experience. Come, join me and my team to the exciting future that we are building at Barrel! 

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Our Story

In 2014, Giridhar Soundararajan founded Barrel Exhaust as a premium two wheeler aftermarket accessory brand. He had to operate the business from his car for first six months since he could not afford an office space. Within the first year, Barrel Exhaust grew and moved into a small office space. By 2016, Barrel Exhaust's first manufacturing plant was set up and started selling international. In 2018, Barrel Exhaust opened dealerships in Vietnam, Australia and Thailand apart from selling online in over 16 countries.


Barrel Exhaust with its customer centric focus and unique designs became one of the most loved accessory brand for two wheelers. Barrel Exhaust expanded its product line to over 14 brands of two wheelers by 2021. 

Why Barrel Motors was born?

The dream of becoming a fighter pilot has always been stuck with the founder, Giridhar since his childhood. It was the fascination for speed that made him fall in love with jets, motorcycles and fast cars. Spending a lot of time travelling to work in the initial days, Bangalore's traffic jams was a thing that he hated the most. He found that the jams are mostly because of too many single occupant cars on roads. In order to solve this issue that bothered him a lot, he dreamt of building smaller & smarter vehicles that are so much exciting to ride that it would motivate people to leave their cars at home most of the times. The solution was not widening the roads but shrinking the number of big vehicles on the road. At Barrel Motors, the team is developing high performance electric vehicles that would be so exciting to be ridden. Not only it is going to be fun riding the Barrel Motors but it would also bring sustainability to our planet. 

The dream, vision and the story was so strong that few eminent gentlemen came forward as angels and invested in us last November 2021. The journey has just begun and we are already excited and having fun building the beast.

Join us, support us and soon be ready to Barrel the streets with the Veloc-e!  

Our Strategic Partners


If you would like to support our vision and be part of our journey or even come on-board as an investor, please write to us on 

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